Meet BrandLens - the Newest STAN Startup Portfolio

Another portfolio startup - another success!

BrandLens is an innovative UGC (User-Generated Content) video creation platform that simplifies engaging and creating content with the brand’s customers, fans, and friends. With BrandLens, marketers, and organizations effortlessly crowdsource video content creation without any need for additional apps or downloads.

With the increasing value of UGC, authentic content engages communities and builds trust better than any branded campaign. Therefore, choosing the right video creation platform is crucial for maximizing the impact and effectiveness of UGC campaigns. BrandLens empowers brands to collect, control and manage UGC at scale. It offers innovative features that simplify the process of co-creating videos, such as on-camera instructions, creative control, and content rights.

Two of the BrandLens founders, Vahag Karayan and Gugo Martikyan, are STAN angels. BrandLens has participated in STAN’s 12th pitching session and has become the 13th portfolio startup of STAN. Four STAN angels, including Ruben Arutyunyan, Kevin Bartanian, Avetis Antaplyan, and Igor Khalatian, have invested in BrandLens.

Recently, BrandLens celebrated a remarkable milestone with its highly successful campaign on AppSumo, a leading digital marketplace for software deals. The campaign brought valuable customer insights and fostered a vibrant community of marketers and entrepreneurs who actively contribute to the ongoing evolution and enhancement of BrandLens' platform.

BrandLens created an impactful presence at renowned international events like SXSW, CommerceNext, and VidCon, offering industry professionals an exclusive hands-on experience with its revolutionary solutions. Attendees had the valuable opportunity to personally try out BrandLens and witness its innovative capabilities through live platform demos, making it a memorable and interactive experience for industry experts.

At STAN, we leverage the power of BrandLens to enhance the promotion of special events and occasions on social media platforms. Discover a collection of engaging 30-second videos created by our talented portfolio startups using the dynamic capabilities of BrandLens.

Visit BrandLens’ website to learn more about innovative ways to engage your audience and generate authentic user-generated video content for your brand or agency. You'll discover how the platform eliminates the need for apps or downloads, making the process seamless and user-friendly.

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