Manifesto for a gender-balanced ecosystem

STAN has established the following objectives in 2030, which originated from the EBAN manifesto on gender diversity:

  • 30% of company angels are women
  • 30% of female business owners
  • more female members on corporate boards
Learn the EBAN manifesto and get inspired...

EBAN encourages business entrepreneurs to take the following three actions to triple the number of women in our ecosystem:

1) Triple the proportion of female angel investors.

In cooperation with business angels across Europe, we will strive to reach a 30% female membership rate by 2030. We will encourage, motivate, enlighten, and inform people about being more inclusive. We will also work together on other ecological projects.

2) Boost financial support for female businesses.

By investing at least 30% of their capital in female entrepreneurs by 2030, we urge individual angel investors and the entire investment community to support a more gender-balanced, resilient, and innovative portfolio.

3) Boost the proportion of women on corporate committees.

The percentage of women on the EBAN board of directors is above average, and the organization has a long history of female leaders. Our group will keep moving in this direction while reaffirming the dedication of our members to expanding inclusion. EBAN will also encourage our community to boost the representation of women on the boards of directors and strategic committees of their portfolio companies.

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