Meet saima - Revolutionary Video Speed Solution

Science & Technology Angels Network (STAN) Celebrates Angels' Investment in Saima, Revolutionary Video Speed Solution

Science & Technology Angels Network (STAN) is thrilled to announce the successful investment made by its angels in Saima following STAN's 12th pitching session on February 24, 2023.

Saima, founded by a highly skilled and diverse team with extensive experience in the private and public sectors, has made groundbreaking advancements in personalized adaptive speed solutions for video materials. In collaboration with renowned Dr․ Prof Hovhannes Manvelyan (Chairman of the Department of Neurology at YSMU, UCSF postdoc), Saima has developed a cognitive assessment mechanism, leveraging research from esteemed institutions such as Stanford University. This mechanism identifies users' baseline comprehension and utilizes AI technology to dynamically adjust the speed of video content, tailoring it to individual listening paces. Saima's solution revolutionizes video watching by providing a customized experience that enhances comprehension and memorization.

To get a better understanding of Saima's pioneering solution, please watch the following video:

Saima successfully graduated from Berkeley's prestigious SkyDeck accelerator program in Spring 2023. With the rapid growth of online learning, optimized solutions that maximize knowledge retention and adapt to individual learning speeds are primed to capitalize on these trends, attracting both consumer and commercial user bases.

STAN Angels Astghik Khachatryan, Avetis Antaplyan, Armen Panossian, Hratch Sofoian, and Vrej Sarkissian have invested in Saima's pre-seed round, joining forces with a lead angel investor from Silicon Valley.

STAN congratulates its angels and the Saima team on this remarkable achievement and wishes them an exciting journey ahead!

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