STAN Portfolio Startups

in Q1 2023

STAN portfolio teams had an awesome first quarter of 2023.

Let's take a look at the impressive accomplishments of our portfolio startups and their ambitions for the future.

Denovo Sciences

The Denovo Sciences team published a scientific paper in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal and had their poster presentation accepted at the ICAR 2023 conference in Lyon. They expanded their team by hiring foreign researchers and successfully completed the SkyDeck acceleration program. Additionally, Denovo Sciences received investments from the SkyDeck fund and TripleS Venture Capital. They are now on the verge of establishing a collaboration with a leading biotech company. Notably, Denovo Sciences secured 2nd place in the Growth Stage Startups category at the Sevan Startup Summit 2023 in Vizag, India.

PopUp School

Within the last month, PopUp School attracted a total of 3.7K visits to their platform. They achieved a sign-up rate of approximately 25.27%, resulting in 935 new registered users. 3.85% (36 users) of those registered users converted into paid customers. PopUp School has been shortlisted as one of the top 200 startups competing for the GSV Cup Elite, where they can win $1 million in cash and other prizes. PopUp School stood out among 900+ startups from 69 countries in the selection process.

Doctor Yan

Doctor Yan experienced a significant growth of 150% in the number of appointments since June 2022. Currently, over 13K patients and 700 doctors are utilizing their platform. The team is in the final stages of establishing partnerships with a large hospital and an insurance company. Doctor Yan recently introduced a new product line, a personal assistant for doctors, which greatly facilitates doctor acquisition.


manot has successfully acquired paying customers who are benefiting from their system's ability to adapt to unexpected real-world scenarios 10x faster. Moreover, their system has demonstrated a 20x increase in accuracy and resolved issues with 30% lower costs. With over 20 customers on the waiting list, manot has 3 three ongoing pilots in delivery robotics and 1 paying customer in a production environment. Their achievements have gained recognition in Forbes and SF Business Times. Additionally, manot secured new funding from Argonautic Ventures in February, amounting to $375K with a $7.5 million valuation cap. Their first paying customer in the autonomous robotics field is Tinymile.

Watch Chinar Movsisyan, founder and CEO of manot, presenting at Berkeley SkyDeck Demo Day. launched a new product it calls "ChatGPT for companies" and is currently conducting Proof of Concepts with several companies across the US, Europe, and Asia. They are in the final selection process for one of the largest US acceleration programs. In the second quarter of 2023, plans to introduce Google Drive integration.


HopShop released an updated version of their AI technology with 30% more precise results. This enhancement led to an average retention increase of 10%, with user activity surging by 30%. As a result, the total number of users has exceeded 9K.


BLiiNK acquired 250 new users, and one of them converted into a paid user. They achieved 1st place among Idea Stage Startups at the Seaside Startup Summit and will be participating in VIVA Tech 2023 in Paris from June 14 to 17. BLiiNK initiated a partnership with the Association of Armenian Kinesiologists and has plans to launch a marketing campaign in the US in the upcoming quarter.


doodooc had a successful year with several B2B projects, including being the official music visualizer at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Fan Zone and creating five custom visualizations for Serj Tankian's "Perplex Cities" album. In the next few months, they intend to release Music Albums and Live Real-Time Visualizer features. doodooc achieved 1st place in the Growth Stage Startup Competition at the Sevan Startup Summit 2023 in Vizag, India.

Axona Lab

Axona Lab is currently focused on the UAE market and is conducting an experiment to identify the best locations for Out of Home advertising, with 500 locations being assessed.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments!

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