STAN Portfolio Startups

in Q2 2023

STAN portfolio teams had significant progress in the second quarter of 2023.

Let's take a look at the impressive accomplishments of our portfolio startups and their ambitions for the future. has been successfully admitted to the SkyDeck Europe accelerator program. They have hired a US-based consultant to help devise and implement a robust product-led growth strategy. The solution currently spans multiple areas, and in an effort to specialize their offering, they are seeking a specific application or scenario to concentrate on.

Doctor Yan

Doctor Yan has partnered with one of the major insurance companies in Armenia. During the past quarter, they achieved a 15% increase in the patient base and a remarkable 36% rise in appointments, totaling 5,500 completed appointments. They have 52 new registered doctors and are currently in the early stages of establishing an advisory board.

Denovo Sciences

Denovo Sciences has achieved wet lab milestones in its drug discovery programs, started a new partnership in Asia, and has secured grants from Armenia and Europe. They have also increased their computational power through grants, startup programs, and getting access to a supercomputer which will allow for large-scale experiments. They are expanding their partnerships with academic and industry players from US, Europe, and Asia.

PopUp School

The PopUp School team recently participated in the esteemed BAJ accelerator program, which has provided valuable insights and connections. As a result, they are currently engaging with investors who have expressed interest in the venture during the accelerator phase. PopUp School was recognized as one of the world's top 200 elite EdTech startups. This distinction opened doors for collaboration with, a highly respected US government-sponsored platform.

Axona Lab

Axona Lab has transitioned to the GCC market, targeting businesses that operate in the region, and launched the study of outdoor locations, covering 500 locations in Dubai, UAE. A new partnership was developed between Axona Lab and Yemnak, which is helping introduce Axona Lab in GCC and specifically KSA. Axona Lab will launch data as a service platform for outdoor locations in UAE (and other GCC countries later) called This is estimated to be launched in August 2023.


BLiiNK has pivoted and transitioned to a Freemium business model for individuals and released a new app version. The team participated in ViVaTech 23 and is currently working with new leads from the event. They have successfully partnered with Ergonomics/Digital Health specialists in India, Canada, and Israel. The team continues investing in digital marketing and is going to launch referral and affiliate programs. They are gearing up to start clinical research and publish the results.


BrandLens made its mark on the global stage by representing BrandLens at SXSW, being a sponsor at CommerceNext, and participating in VidCon annual convention.

Furthermore, BrandLens successfully unveiled the much-anticipated 2.0 version of its platform, introducing enhanced features and functionalities to serve its users better. A highly successful campaign launched in AppSumo further amplified the company's efforts, generating widespread attention and user engagement.


Manot has launched its platform and has major upcoming integrations with big companies. The startup was an CVPR silver sponsor, where they also exhibited manot and gathered several approvals for product-market fit. They received new funding from Argonautic Ventures in February.


Mythrill has been implementing generative AI in all of its content creation features. The initial integration of generative images in 2022 brought an immense boost to the quality of visuals created for the series, which is a key unique feature of Mythrill. They have been focusing on translations and launched the first translated story in June, with two more following within the next month.

They currently have 23K registered readers and around 40 authors, an incredible 6.7x increase in the number of long stories jumping from 60 in the first quarter to 400 as of the end of the second quarter. Soon Mythrill will release its functionality for audio content creation.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments!

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