Where others saw barriers,

we saw opportunity

The STAN Story
From the high-tech heritage of the past to the cutting edge innovations of tomorrow, STAN is empowering a transformation that is seeing Armenia reclaim its innovative potential – by identifying and nurturing the most promising tech ventures with the most prospects for positive outcomes for founders, investors, Armenia, and the world.

Armenia’s renowned Soviet era high-tech ecosystem and talent led to the development of one of the most dynamic industries of independent Armenia - the Information and Communication Technologies sector. In 20 years the industry matured from just a few companies to hundreds of software development outsourcing providers that raised Armenia’s profile as a tech hub.

But the time came to shift focus from outsourced services to investing in native R&D and locally developed technology solutions that would have the most impact globally. The only thing lacking was funding, informed strategic advice, and the courage for untested waters.
Board of Trustees
Filling the
funding gap
The Science & Technology Angels Network was created to unite prominent Armenian entrepreneurs and technology supporters worldwide to invest in and mentor
early-stage science-intensive startups that had something to offer the world, if given the opportunity.

The network helps angel investors to contribute their financial, network, and intellectual capacity in support of Armenian founders and entrepreneurs that are once again putting Armenia on the global innovation map.
A Platform for Impactful Investment in Armenia
STAN offers individual investors access to pre-seed and seed-stage investment opportunities with a growing focus on AI as a platform technology. We also provide a platform through which idea-stage funding can be allocated to high-risk, high-return deeptech projects, as well as an opportunity for special impact investment in women-led idea-stage startups to leverage female entrepreneurial potential in Armenia.
A 5-year Journey
At its inception in early 2018, STAN was the first and only angel group in Armenia, creating a new pathway for direct foreign investment and private equity flow into Armenia’s burgeoning ICT ecosystem. Since then, the network has grown from 18 founding angels to over 40 and growing. We are proud of the journey we’ve taken and the foundations we’ve laid. But we are squarely looking to the future.

As STAN celebrates its 5th year of investing in the next generation of Armenia’s success stories, we are embarking on a new journey taking our initiatives to the next level and creating more efficient investment processes aimed at growing our network of angels and the impact we have on an ever-growing number of beneficiaries.

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