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Investment Tracks
Traditional Angel Investment
This track offers pre-seed to seed-stage investments in startups engaged in science and technology innovation. With a special focus on AI as a platform technology, or as a technology integrated in various verticals that benefit Armenia and the world.
Women Entrepreneurship
This track provides impact investments for women-led startups to strengthen female entrepreneurship in Armenia. Startups from idea/concept to product-ready stage with female founders are welcome to apply.
This track focuses on investments in high-risk/high-gain projects which offer ultra-sophisticated, deep technology solutions to tackle worldwide challenges. The stage of the project can vary from idea to product ready.


STAN looks for startups with the potential to build a sustainable business model that can be scaled globally. STAN looks for teams with a validated prototype/MVP whose potential can be boosted with the help of STAN angels. Pay attention to the following criteria when evaluating your venture:

  • Stage
    Startups applying under the traditional angel investment track should have at least a minimum viable product (MVP) with traction validating the startup's business model.
  • Scalability
    There should be validated potential for rapid growth so that angels could realistically plan for a 10x exit within 3-5 years.
  • Industry
    We are industry agnostic. We prioritize startups where the core of the value proposition lies in a scientific innovation or an application of an AI algorithm. However, STAN angels may decide to invest in other startups if there is a unique and scalable business model. View the STAN portfolio to learn more about the startups STAN invests in.
  • Founder Team
    STAN is interested in investing in startups driven by devoted founders. Working full time in the startup is a good demonstration of devotion and belief in the venture. A track record of successful past projects will help angels better understand the capacity of the founding team. The founding team or startup advisors should demonstrate experience in the industry the startup focuses on.
  • Market Opportunity
    STAN invests in startups focused on markets with sufficient and untapped potential. You should clearly explain your approach to entering and capturing a market share there.
  • Know Your Customer
    You must know who your customers are, their needs, and how to reach them. Your marketing and sales strategies should be based on that understanding.
  • Know Your Competitors
    You must know the alternative solutions currently existing in the market. STAN expects you to develop realistic competition mapping and analyze your differentiation and competitive advantages.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Articulate what your critical competitive advantage is. For example, it can be a team of founders with a unique mix of expertise, advisors, proprietary assets, intellectual property, or processes that distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Financials
    The company valuation should be realistic. The fundraising amount should be tied to the milestones you expect to achieve with that amount. Your financial projections should be logically tied with the marketing plan and the unit economics you have with the current traction.
  • Exit Strategy
    Startup investment is risky, and business angels look for promising returns for their investments. Thus, a clearly defined exit strategy can help angels make a decision based on the expected returns and the exit timing.
Investment Process
  • Application
  • Shortlisting

  • Pitching
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Due diligence
  • Agreement signing
  • Startup journey begins
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